the official lauch of cruel summer.

Welcome, everyone, to the cruel, cruel summer.

Cruel Summer is the latest solo project by Vesper Stamper of Ben + Vesper. It’s all about 80s-influenced attitude-pop–the angsty kind, not the neon kind.

Ben + Vesper is such a crazy fun project, and all that music-making with my man inspired me to try something new, all based on the format of Melodramatic Love Song. I thought about all the music that really moved me–the kind that you belt in the car, or in the shower, because it makes you feel something–something of a longing you can’t explain. Maybe it’s the season before love is attained; maybe it’s the season after it’s lost. Either way, summer is the season for beltable hits because there’s no other way to get through the heat of it but to sweat your way through it, singing.

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